Monday, June 30, 2008

Perfection - explained by Sri Aurobindo, so perfectly!

On the day when we assembled our first complete vehicle at ANZ, and fired the engine for the first time, we all were elated. First vehicle assembled, taking hours of time, and consuming many days of hard work before that, and when we fired the engine, it sounded like the best music in the world!!! However, this is was something like an early rejoices for us. We were minutes behind the biggest problem we ever faced here, and something which is still not resolved completely.

When engine was running stably, I shifted the transmission to High position, and turned the 4 wheel drive (4 WD) ON. By turning this 4 WD on, the power is transmitted to front axle also, and this helps the vehicle to move on rough roads, mud, and loose soil, easily. The moment I did, a heavy metallic f\grinding noise started coming from the front side of the vehicle. This opened another engineering life cycle for us.

Later it was our duty to find out the root cause for the same noise and eliminate it. I was one among the team working it, and there many ideas and analysis coming in from different people, apart from my own analysis. I was trying everything, but this was something like a rock!

With number of trials, inspection, analysis, we found many root causes for this., and the way in which we had eliminate this noise was peculiar. Depending upon the noise pattern, we used to identify the root cause, and we treated it. Something like symptomatic treatment, our doctors experiment on us!!

Every time, there was such problem, we all uased to work on it, and used to conclude like this is OK, or good or better or perfect. And whenever we concluded it as perfect or ok, later after sometime, the same problem used to re-surface.

This left me in a thought that what actually is perfect? Or perfection? Anything we achieved or achieve as an improvement, never lasts longer, or is eternal. Then what is it? what actually is perfection?

I found the answer in Savitri:

To seize the absolute in shapes that pass,
To fix the eternal's touch in time-made things,
This is the law of all perfection here.

- Book 2 Canto 2 Page 108.

That’s how The Master explains everything. One shot and there you are! No more doubts.

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