Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quote for you specially!!!!!

I was checking out Next Future e-Magazine from Sri Aurobindo Society today, and after going through it, i just went to SAS Home Page to see if there is any new thing up for me.

There is a section "Online Help". Initially i thought ke it is somethign like if we post our queries, some experts will answer to us. Interested, i clicked the link, and following page opened for me:

What's here is........If you click on a button, a random quote from the complete works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is loaded, very similar to what any follower of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo does, when he or she is in a crisis situation. Just open any page of any book like Savitri, Synthesis of Yoga, or Life Divine, or any book, after praying in Them, and gets the solution for the problem! It has worked many times for me. That's how Their guidance works!

That's what the page states for you....

All of us find that often we are confronted with a problem or a situation where we do not know what to do. It has been the experience of many of us that, at such times, we took a book of Sri Aurobindo or the Mother, like Savitri, The Synthesis of Yoga, concentrated quietly and asked for guidance, help or an answer and opened the book at random. There we found exactly the answer we were seeking, as if it had been written just for us.

To provide a similar facility through the internet, we have here a large collection of quotations from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. If we can do the same thing as with a book, with quiet concentration, with aspiration, with faith and then click the button below, we believe that just the right quote which contains the right answer for each one of us will come on the screen.

what i got for myself was.....

If you want to do something well, whatever it may be, any kind of work, the least thing, play a game, write a book, do painting or music or run a race, anything at all, if you want to do it well, you must become what you are doing and not remain a small person looking at himself doing it; for if one looks at oneself acting, one is... one is still in complicity with the ego. If, in oneself, one succeeds in becoming what one does, it is a great progress. In the least little details, one must learn this. Take a very amusing instance: you want to fill a bottle from another bottle; you concentrate (you may try it as a discipline, as a gymnastic); well, as long as you are the bottle to be filled, the bottle from which one pours, and the movement of pouring, as long as you are only this, all goes well. But if unfortunately you think at a given moment: "Ah! It is getting on well, I am managing well", the next minute it spills over! It is the same for everything, for everything. That is why work is a good means of discipline, for if you want to do the work properly, you must become the work instead of being someone who works, otherwise you will never do it well. If you remain "someone who works" and, besides, if your thoughts go vagabonding, then you may be sure that if you are handling fragile things they will break, if you are cooking, you will burn something, or if you are playing a game, you will miss all the balls! It is here, in this, that work is a great discipline. For if truly you want to do it well, this is the only way of doing it.

- The Mother [CWMCE, 4:363-64]

It may take a min to load, but when it does....... it's for you!!!


venki said...

Hi Putya,
Nice snaps collection maga! You can publish some more such interesting snaps and ask your friends to write some quotes on them. Like, you can give a good and comedy heading for such interesting snps

Amit said...

Dear Friend,
This is been my constant experience, that the moments of life are arranged by Her which reflect our own sincerity towards
our Sadhna, the fire of Aspiration to be able to have Her loving presence in our Heart..

The people we meet here..the work we get to do,the places we are surrounded by at a particular moment in life..everything..everything reflects this inner Aspiration for The Divine Love..

And as She said,Work is a wonderful way of meditating..
and when is done in right consciousness,it works wonderfully.

And as we all are full of imperfection and struggling to be able to hold Her loving presence in our heart,
getting this message from Her makes lot of sense..

As when work done with Her concrete loving presence in our Heart..
work done invoking the Maha Saraswati Consciousness in us.. and when heart is at right place,
in this deep humility when Her infinite wisdom works through our Hearts and matter what we do,each small and big work become a sacrifice in this "fire of Yagna-a process of self purification".

But,easier said then done..there are challenges comes on our way due to our own limitations..
as a slight movement of this "I",having preferences to particular kind of work,
even taking satisfaction from what we achieved,expectation of hearing a word of recognition from others,believing that it is this "I" who is behind all the successes of life .. all work as a covering over our Heart..
.. and we shut the door of our heart to Her..
Though She waits at the doorstep endlessly in deep compassion.. and with the slightest opening,She..the Sweet Radiant Maha Lakshmi enters the heart..
and turns everything within and without in to sweet Harmony which is so priceless that nothing in this or any other world
can be as valuable as this loving union with Her..

Hope some day, all these barriers which prevents us from having Her presence in our Heart be burned completely in this
inner fire of Love for Her..

Till then..let's keep pouring more oil in this fire..